Build Your Optimal Health

Improve your health and wellness with a science-based, personalized approach based on the Functional Medicine model.

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Personalized Treatment

Dr. Saringer gathers information about past and present health concerns, genetic influences, lifestyle factors including nutrition, exercise routine, sleep quality, stress management and environmental exposures.

Wellness Coach Support

On the road to optimal health, you’re not alone. Dr. Saringer’s Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Krista, is here to help support you throughout your healing journey with online consultations, real-time chat, and more.

Holistic Healing

Targeting mind, body, and spirit, Dr. Saringer’s holistic approach enables her to discover, address and treat root cause issues to minimize or eradicate symptoms. Her goal is for you to achieve your best health.

Meet Dr. Saringer, holistic Psychiatrist and Functional Medicine practitioner

Dr. Saringer is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and is also certified with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFMCP). She is passionate about offering root cause care to promote greater wellness for her patients. She will work with you to discover the underlying patterns of your symptoms, looking into individual genetic and biochemical markers. The purpose is to construct a personalized road map and engage you toward achieving your health goals. With the support of her coach, she will guide and motivate you along your journey.

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Functional Medicine Assessment

Getting to the root cause issues of your health and wellness is not a quick fix – it took your body a long while to develop levels of deficit. Dr. Saringer offers you the lifestyle tools towards long lasting health and wellness. We take the time to improve and correct your imbalances through a highly individualized plan. Embark on your journey toward optimal health today.

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August 2016, I had my first visit, and we quickly moved into testing. By the end of September 2016, we had results and started the healing process. By the beginning of 2017, I felt like a new man. Over the course of about 3 months, all the symptoms have disappeared. Now – I’m on the maintenance phase to stay healthy.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Saringer. She is caring, thorough,
and extremely well informed. I’ve strongly recommended her to
many people who noticed the change in my health.
Jason H., age 33, New York


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