Psychiatric Care Membership

In my private practice I treat children, adolescents, adults and families with chronic or acute illnesses. I have a holistic approach based on the principle of mind, body and spiritual connections.

Psychiatric Memberships include:

  • Connector.


    Monthly 30-minute in-person or video/telemedicine sessions with the patient and regular contact with therapist, school, and parents (if authorized)

  • Connector.


    Annual medical assessment including lab tests and access to electric medical record and lab results

  • Connector.


    Stress management training and ongoing assessment on HeartMath

  • Connector.

    Online Communication Portal

    Unlimited messages through the HIPPA compliant patient portal including prescription requests, appointment changes, questions about medications, scheduling requests

  • Connector.


    Access to electronic medical records and lab results

  • Connector.

    Easy Invoicing

    Monthly invoicing for in-office and telemedicine sessions

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