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Decode the building blocks of your health

Your hair, your eyes, your health, and everything in between is determined by your DNA – it is what makes each of us so very different. DNA analysis, when related to health, can help us identify the causes of certain illnesses and even show us things we may be pre-disposed towards, like cancer, acne, depression, and more.

Dr. Saringer’s in-depth DNA analysis can truly personalize your treatment, and if you already have your DNA data from a prior analysis you can submit that too!

Who is it for?

DNA testing and anaysis can benefit anyone! The test and report alone is great, but with Dr. Saringer’s complete analysis you’ll discover even more great information about yourself, and it will enable her to optimize your treatment.

How does it work?

Dr. Saringer partners with 23andme.com and {{Others}} to conduct the DNA test. The tests are non-invasive saliva-based and results are usually received between 4-6 weeks after submitting.

What will I learn?

Your DNA results, at a basic level, will show your lineage and basic health factors, but with Dr. Saringer’s in-depth analysis you’ll learn much more. You will receive analysis on methylation status, detoxification, nutrition, and more.

What does it cost?

Your DNA analysis is part of your membership, but you can also use Dr. Saringer's 23andme.com discount to receive 10% off a test kit plus expedited shipping and handling.

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Discover the benefits of functional medicine and all it has to offer with Dr. Saringer’s science-based, holistic approach. Focusing on mind, body, and spirit, her methods will put you on the path to building your optimal health.

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10% DNA Discount
“I came to Dr. Saringer because I was noticing problems with my memory. This concerned me because my father has Alzheimer’s. She advised me to do a complete blood work and the genetic testing 23&Me. Based on my lab results, we found that I was pre-diabetic and had high inflammation markers. Dr. Saringer, her coach, and I created a lifestyle modification plan.

I took the suggestions, noticed that my inflammation markers went down, and my memory and overall well-being improved. I now feel more energized and I am working on my next goal which is to quit smoking.” Larry A., age 55, New York